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Chris Rowan

Chris Rowan has been making music in Marin, Sonoma, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area since October of 1970.    The middle brother to older brother, Peter, and younger brother, Lorin,  Chris has performed as part of the Rowan Brothers, known for their vocal harmony blend, for the last four decades.    How time flies.   
Originally from Wayland, a town 20 minutes outside of Boston, Chris came to Marin with his brother, Lorin, and their music producer, David Grisman.    It turned out to be a smart move as he was signed by Clive Davis to CBS Records  in 1971, and then by David Geffen to Geffen’s new Asylum label in 1974.   Part of Chris’ musical adventure with his brothers on Asylum Records was seeing his song, “If I Only Could” hit the top 100 singles chart coming in at 54 with a bullet.  

If I only could by Chris Rowan  

Things to know about Chris
Chris Rowan looking like a beatle 1972'

  1.  Chris traveled to England in March of 1969 with hopes of getting involved with the Beatles’ 
    Apple Records.  He went to Paul McCartney’s house and rang the door bell.  Paul's wife Linda, answered with a pause...and said "Paul was not available". But the DREAM lives on!

    Chris Rowan, history photos

  2. In the early 70’s, Chris lived in the hills above Stinson Beach with Jerry Garcia.
  3. He signed recording contracts with Clive Davis, David Geffen, and Joe Smith. 
  4. The 3 Rowan brothers are known for their vocal harmony blend.  
  5. Chris is excited about his new CD “Swim In Your Heart”.

    cover art Chris Rowan Swim in your Heart




Chris Rowan